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About us.

In 1982, in a small Pensacola converted factory office a small design consultancy was born, Studio 77. Focused on bringing design to small business marketing. In subsequent years, it grew, won several awards, and continued to explore digital technology.

In 1996 Studio 77 relocated to Boston, expanded its digital experince focus, and transformed into grey wolf design.

Grey wolf also produced several education software application to support local GED programs. With the growth of the web, our service a project quickly out grew our print ones. With search engines the barn storming days of search engine marketing and soon after pay per click further changed our business and services.

Today, our focus remains design, crafting customer focused experince for our clients across the omni marketing spectrum from digital to print to social to emerging technology. We are constanly exploring new and emerging was and data science to find new ways to grow our clients business. Stay up and ahead of our client customers in today cloud first, mobile first, cross screen world.

Good Design = Good Business

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