Grey Wolf Design started in 1982 as a small group called Grey Wolf Studio. The team focused on delivering cutting edge graphic design and marketing to local business. The studio grew fast an quickly committed itself to the digital evolution. In 1986 it relocated to historic Boston, MA. Soon after it launched a full range of educational and custom training applications.

Some of these applications were design to help adult and ESL learners working to earn their GED’s. Because these centers were funded by donations, these application were cross platform. Three versions were developed to handle PC, Apple and Commodore units of various capabilities.

Since the mid 90’s and growth of the internet, our services grew to a full digital design agency. In 1999 the company re-branded as Grey Wolf Design. During that period our client base expanded to Canada and Europe. We also create what is know today as our “Search” team.

During the same period, we began what was a 14 year project working with various military services. Crafting branding and insignia for some of the worlds toughest customers. We also got to work with some cutting edge technology development programs. The design team is very proud to have also design several team insignia, that reside in the Special Forces museum  at Fort Bragg.

Grey wolf design - NYC soon

Grey Wolf Design Today

Our clients span the globe and industry landscape.  Within the Year Grey Wolf Design will be opening an New York City office, to better service our growing  Manhattan and surrounding Borough client base.. We are also very proud of our partnerships: Microsoft BizSpark, Microsoft Advertising, Google Partners , Google Adwords Certification and Google Analytics Partners. Not to mention working with both Ionic and Xamerian cross platform technologies, to delivery applications quickly to Android, iOS, Window phones and the Microsoft Visual Studio and Code teams.